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KoinDX Contract Migration

· 2 min read

KoinDX mainnet contract migration announcement

Our launch on August 2nd was a whole success, we are very satisfied that everything worked as expected. The community shared valuable feedback already and we have exciting plans for the future.

One task we have been working on is a contract update, which we will roll out on September 9th. This Saturday. The update will help us to query data that we need to finalize our backend-api which will be necessary to provide a good user experience within the KoinDX interface.

At the moment the entire chain related data is getting queried from the blockchain directly, which is something that most users would expect, but that’s not very practical.

We will build a backend service that aggregates onchain data and will provide an API which can be consumed by our services to display detailed pool information, charts, token stats and a lot more. This will increase the user experience tremendously.

Another reason why we improve our protocol is that we add support for namespaces in the v2-core and v2-periphery contracts. This is important because if a Koinos government proposal get’s approved and it affects the system contracts, it might be the case that new contract versions will be deployed to new addresses. By using the domain name for the KOIN/VHP contracts, we can make sure to always interact with the contract address that the koin domain is pointing to (the latest address).

In summary the contract update does not only pave the way for a better UX in our KoinDX application, but also prepares the contract to be compatible with future developments of the Koinos system itself.

How will the migration process look like?

After our contracts have been deployed, we will also deploy an updated mainnet application. We will also provide a new interface, which will be available at

This update is only relevant for current liquidity providers. To move your liquidity to the new pools, please follow this process:

  1. Visit

  2. Go to liquidity, import your positions and remove your position from the pool.

  3. Go to

  4. Navigate to liquidity and then proceed with the liquidity-add-process. If the pool has not been created yet, you can create the specific pool.

Please follow our social media channel announcements to get notified as soon as possible when these changes go live.